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『"Muscle Shoals & Nashville Connection"』公演中止のお知らせ


2019年4月にビルボードライブ東京・大阪にて予定しておりました「"Muscle Shoals & Nashville Connection"」の公演を、メンバーのドニー・フリッツの体調不良により中止とさせて頂きます。




『"Muscle Shoals & Nashville Connection"
ロブ・ガルブレイス, ドニー・フリッツ, チェスター・トンプソン, アンドレアス・ワーナー & ルーク・イースターリング』
◆東京公演 2019年4月2日(火)
◆大阪公演 2019年4月4日(木)


払い戻し期間 3月30日(土)10:00 〜 5月10日(金)

チケットの払い戻しに関する詳細のお問い合わせは、 をご確認ください。
払い戻し期間 3月30日(土)10:00 〜 5月10日(金)

ビルボードライブ東京 03-3405-1133
ビルボードライブ大阪 06-6342-7722

【Announcement Regarding "Muscle Shoals & Nashville Connection"'s Performances】

We regretfully announce that "Muscle Shoals & Nashville Connection" shows at Billboard Live TOKYO & OSAKA have been cancelled due to Donnie Fritts' health condition.

Please accept our apologies for anyone who was looking forward to the shows and any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your understanding and we appreciate your continuous love and support.

『"Muscle Shoals & Nashville Connection"
Rob Galbraith, Donnie Fritts, Chester Thompson, Andreas Werner and Luke Easterling』
Tokyo show: 2019/4/2 (Tue)
Osaka show: 2019/4/4 (Thu)

【Refund Procedure】
<Online Purchases>
◆Billboard Live website
If you purchased tickets via Billboard Live's website, refunds made to the credit card used for the purchase.

◆Ticket Pia
If you purchased tickets via Ticket Pia, Please contact Ticket Pia's information center (10AM-6PM).
Refunds will be only made between 3/30(Sat) 10:00AM - 5/10(Fri).

If you purchased tickets via eplus, please refer to for procedure details.
Refunds will be only made between 3/30(Sat) 10:00AM - 5/10(Fri).

Billboard Live TOKYO: 03-3405-1133
Billboard Live OSAKA: 06-6342-7722


We're really sorry that it didn't work out for us to come play. We were really looking forward to meeting everyone and showing them some of our music. I can't fully tell you how disappointed we are. Hopefully there will be a way for us to come at some future time.






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