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plays music of アース・ウィンド&ファイアー』
◆大阪公演 2020年5月22日(金) - 23日(土)
◆東京公演 2020年5月26日(火) - 27日(水)&29日(金)
◆横浜公演 2020年5月31日(日)&6月2日(火) - 3日(水)


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払い戻し期間 受付中 〜 6月30日(火)

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払い戻し期間 受付中 〜 6月15日(月)


【Announcement Regarding Al McKay Allstars's Performances】

In light of the Japanese government and the US Department of Defense's announcement advising to avoid international travel, we regret to inform you that Al McKay Allstars's performances in May and June at Billboard Live TOKYO, YOKOHAMA and OSAKA have been cancelled as musicians scheduled to perform are no longer able to travel to Japan.

Our sincere apologies to anyone looking forward to the performance. A representative will be contacting customers who have made reservations to attend these performances shortly.

Given this circumstance, we will be cancelling all reservations made on our website and phone via our reservation center. If you purchased tickets through a ticket vendor, please refer to the guidelines below on how to receive a refund.

We are closing monitoring the situation in hopes of holding these cancelled performances in the future but there is a possibility that this may be difficult.

Once the performances are confirmed, we will announce them as new engagements on our website and socials.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

『Al McKay Allstars
plays music of Earth, Wind & Fire』
Osaka show: 2020/5/22(Fri) - 23(Sat)
Tokyo show: 2020/5/26(Tue) - 27(Wed)& 29(Fri)
Yokohama show: 2020/5/31(Sun)& 6/2(Tue)- 3(Wed)

【Refund Procedure】
<Online Purchases>
◆Billboard Live website
If you purchased tickets via Billboard Live's website, refunds made to the credit card used for the purchase.

◆Ticket Pia
If you purchased tickets via Ticket Pia, please refer to for procedure details.
Refunds will be only made until 6/30(Tue).

If you purchased tickets via eplus, please refer to for procedure details.
Refunds will be only made until 6/15(Mon).

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